Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

Although it is often stated that pain is an inevitable part of life, chronic pain is a maladaptive disease that can be both physically and emotionally debilitating. We strive to help patients understand the nature of their pain and identify the strategies that help them best manage their pain. In some cases treatments can be as simple as exercise and behavior modification while in other cases low doses of medications or focused injections can be beneficial. In more severe conditions such as cancer pain or nerve injury pain, more advanced techniques may be required, including nerve stimulation and targeted drug delivery with pain pumps. As a group these later therapies are classified as neuromodulation and entail using advanced technology to target the pain signals in the nerves, spinal cord, or brain to minimize the impact chronic pain has on a patients function and quality of life. More can be learned about neuromodulation by watching the UCTV lecture by Dr. Poree at the following website ( In addition many patients have also found the book Pain-Wise: A Patient’s Guide to Pain Management by Dr. David Kloth ( to be an informative review of various treatment options. We look forward to helping in your struggle with chronic pain.

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