About Psychiatric Services

Our general services are available for patients of all ages and their families often times providing services for multiple members of the family being particularly sensitive to privacy issues and confidentiality. We always tailor psychiatric treatment to the patient’s needs as appropriate.

Intake and Initial Consultation & Evaluation:

We at Silicon Valley TMS have an intake system where trained coordinators are connected with the prospective patient via a confidential phone interview. During this brief call, basic information is obtained related to the specifics needed for the psychiatric services.

Those coordinators are supervised by the medical director or a senior clinician who would make the appropriate initial intake appointment based on the clinical conditions, insurance coverage, urgency, appropriate staff assignment and preferences, often times aiming at providing the initial consultation in a very timely fashion.

Mental Health Express:

We value the need to be available promptly for our patients and their families, so much so that we make it a high priority whenever possible to provide services to our established as well as new patients promptly and quickly oftentimes within a few days or sooner.

Initial visit:

The initial visit is a very detailed assessment by our clinical intake team supervised by our medical directors in order to assess and recommend the best, and most appropriate psychiatric treatment plan. This plan is tailored to the patient in such a way so as to deliver the optimal care, and at times might conclude more than one provider (counselor, medical provider etc..) who continue to work closely together to ensure maximum success.

Ongoing clinical services:

We are considerate of the most appropriate and cost effective services for our patients. If a change in protocol is indicated, it is first discussed by our team and presented to our patients. We encourage our patients if they are not optimally satisfied with their care to give us their input so we can recommend a change if needed. We are proud to provide this type of service as it is very rarely available in other psychiatric practices that rely on a single individual who might not be always an expert in different treatment philosophies. Whenever possible we try to utilize shorter-term and cost efficient psychiatric services.

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Our practice has officially closed on Friday, January 20, 2023. It has been our privilege to have had the opportunity to meet the healthcare needs for individuals throughout the community.

In California, since the passage of SB-221 which went into effect starting July 2022, health plans and insurances are required to provide timely access to care including follow up appointments for primary care and specialist appointments as well as for other mental health follow-up appointments within 10-15 days. Information is also available at the following link: https://www.dmhc.ca.gov/healthcareincalifornia/yourhealthcarerights/timelyaccesstocare.aspx