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About Our Clinic

About Our Clinic

Our practice was started by Saad A. Shakir, M.D. in June 1994. After finishing his training in medicine, neurology and psychiatry and having practiced in the whole range of individual practice, group practice, as well as county mental health, he felt the need to develop a practice environment utilizing a team approach. The purpose is to provide an environment where an integrated approach to treatment is addressed with every patient based on an in-depth initial evaluation.

The individual is evaluated to recognize the contributing factors to their condition including physical, psychological, behavioral, interpersonal, as well as nutritional and wellness perspectives, and, where appropriate, family members are involved in the psycho-educational component as well as in the treatment component where appropriate based on the evaluation.

Our team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, doctors of neuropsychology, counselors, and psychotherapists of different training and disciplines and expertise, nutritional consultants, addiction and recovery consultants and coaches, as well as physical fitness and wellness consultants and coaches. We also often times have a variety of trainees who are professionals in the process of obtaining the required medical certificates and licenses but they would be clinically supervised by a licensed clinician when that type of service is provided.

We provide care for all age groups including multiple family members where appropriate. We strive to provide wellness to the individual of all age groups as well as their community utilizing an in-depth evaluation as well as an integrated team of professionals. Team members communicate very closely with each other, with full recognition and sensitivity to confidentiality and privacy of the individuals’ conditions. We strive in the most effective and expedient way for cost-effective treatment utilizing where possible short-term approaches to provide care.

By helping an individual from every aspect of their needs including physical wellness, neurobiological wellness, and psychological/behavioral/interpersonal health will improve the wellness of the individual and also utilizing wellness from a physical, nutritional, as well as exercise point of view. A healthy individual belongs in a healthier system and contributes to healthier community.

Some of the treatments we specialize in are: Chronic Pain Management, TMS Therapy for depression, Neuropsychiatry, and Ketamine treatments for depression.

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