Welcome back to Dr. Shakir’s Corner!
Today, we are happy to share with you our May Clinical Success of the Month:

Our patient, a 45-year-old married female, who unfortunately had a stroke with the resultant right side paralysis and speech impediment as well as other neurological and psychiatric sequelae including very severe depression. Her family was desperate to treat her with TMS to help both her depression as well as possibly her neurological deficits.

We were happy to treat her with our “MRI Navigated TMS” utilizing our MRI guided TMS applying treatment to her left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, it was five days a week for five weeks and the results were outstanding.

Her depression of course cleared out completely, but in addition to that she had significant recovery of her speech impediments and most of her neurological sequelae to the stroke. She and her family were ecstatic and of course, we were so very proud.

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