Maintenance Care & Follow-up

We take pride in stabilizing a lot of our patients and if the patients are continuing on medication maintenance, then we have set up standards where in order to be able to fill these medications after stabilization, patients need to be seen a minimum of every 1-3 months, depending on their clinical condition and the medications utilized.

Please be aware of that when requesting refills; if you have not been seen within that range for a follow-up then you will only be provided a limited supply of medications until seen. If a patient is no longer continuing actively in the services through our clinic, then we cannot automatically fill their prescriptions unless re-assessment is done that involves a follow-up office visit(often longer than a brief medication appointment to allow enough time for an interval assessment) as set up by staff with an appropriate clinician.

We take great pride in the quality of our services to our patients at all stages,please help us by cooperating with our guidelines for follow-up,if you choose to be non-compliant we have no choice but to terminate your care with us with at least a 2 week notice( Fortunately we rarely do that as we have very understanding and cooperative patients!)

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