Medication Management for Ongoing Patients

We are very happy to provide the latest in available medical and psycho-pharmacological treatments based on cutting-edge research and developments in the field of medication management. Our medical staff is often trained on the latest available psychiatric medication options as appropriate to the patient’s condition. Our medical providers often collaborate with other specialists in the field and the team’s medication recommendations often are based on those additional “behind the scenes consultations”.

We also recognize that at times a consultation with a more senior member of our medical staff might be appropriate and often make the process very simple to obtain those “second opinion consults” without having to change clinics or providers. This is another very unique feature to our clinic that is not often seen elsewhere, except in some academic institutions.

Personalized medication management is done utilizing Pharmacogenomic testing to find out exactly how an individual’s genetics affect their reaction to medications, taking away a lot of the random guessing that happens with many psychopharmacologists.

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Now Offering Pharmacy Refills Through VendRx

Now Offering Pharmacy Refills Through VendRx

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