Silicon Valley TMS, designated as an international Center of excellence has been very busy even during the pandemic. We’re very proud of our staff to be there for our patients who have needed our services.

Most of our clinical appointments all were virtually initially but recently we are returning to office space appointments as appropriate for some patients. However, we have continued through the peak of the pandemic to provide in-person treatments for patients with Treatment resistant depression(TRD) including services like Transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS) as well as Nasal Esketamine (Spravato).

A TMS Story:

Mr. A is now 70 years young; he has been under my care for over 20 years for psychiatric management. Initially referred to me after his prior psychiatrist retired. He has been on a permanent medical disability as an engineer you to severe irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and recurrent depression and anxiety. We provide it the usual therapies for him including medications( antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications) psychotherapy that is evidence-based including CBT, Mindfulness and behavioral therapy. He did improve but continue to be on the disability because of continuing residual symptoms. At the age of 66 he had a severe bout of depression that disrupted his wellness and did not respond adequately to evidence-based psychotherapy and medications( at that time he had tried several antidepressants) with only partial benefits and in some cases major side effects. We decided to treat him with R TMS… What an amazing outcome not just that his depression is been in full remission but for the first time in his adult life he is symptom-free from his IBS that had previously restricted his activity, diet, travel an overall sense of wellness.

Now at the age of 70 he feels like a new person without any restriction, this has persisted now for four years continuously and he attributes it to the integrated approach but particularly the turning point with TMS. I am happy to share that story with all of you.

Until next time,

Saad A. Shakir, MD
Founder of SVTMS, Chief Medical Owner

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Now Offering Pharmacy Refills Through VendRx

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