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Medication Refills

Medication Refills

Refills will be handled through our dedicated pharmacy line. In the event you do not have any refills on your regular prescription, please contact your pharmacy and ask for a refill and they can contact our office via email or fax requesting routine refills. Our pharmacy line is checked frequently by our staff during regular work day and regular office hours (Monday through Friday; from 8:00am to 5:00pm). Please note that the pharmacy line is not checked by our staff after hours or on weekends, so if you need a refill please request it if at all possible before you run out during the week and avoid after hours or weekends. Messages left after 4pm might not have a chance of being processed before the next day so please call early.

To maintain the high quality of our service we have a policy that in order to get refills on your medications you need to be an “active or maintenance” patient, which translates to being seen regularly or at least on a minimum of every 1-3 months, unless other arrangements have been agreed to with your physician.

If you have not been seen within that timeframe you’re expected to make an office appointment as soon as possible and only a limited supply might be approved depending on when you were last seen in the office and until you have a scheduled follow-up.

Also be aware that if it has been a long time since your last appointment, we may need to see you for a more in-depth assessments to allow for more time for a sufficient evaluation.

Please be aware that we take great pride in keeping our standards of care, so we very much appreciate your cooperation in implementing.

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