Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup has an impact on the individual’s response to medications. the goal is to optimize pharmacological therapy based on the individual’s genetic makeup in order to reduce unnecessary and repeated medication trials and tribulations. It is important to note that  two people of the same age, gender, height and weight  will respond differently to the same dose of the same medication based on their genetic heritability.

A patient’s  genotype and phenotype are used to try and maximize the efficiency as well as minimizing adverse drug reactions and drug-drug  interactions. The test is performed in our office, often covered by insurances, it takes a few minutes to collect a swab from the inside of the cheek, the report is usually of available in 1 to 2 weeks, we will review with our patient as well as provide an extra copy to the patient to share with other providers as well as for  their records for the future.

If we were going to use medications our philosophy is “The right medication at the right dose for the right patient.”

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